Medical instruments from the collection of the Hungarian National Museum - Semmelweis Museum, Library, and Archive of the History of Medicine

The Hungarian National Museum – Semmelweis Museum, Library, and Archive of the History of Medicine collects, researches and interprets tools, documents and works of art related to the history of diseases, healing and the body. The guiding theme of the museum's permanent exhibition, "Pictures from the Past of Healing," is the history of Western medicine, but we also bring into focus the healing tradition of Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern civilizations. In addition to the tools once used in medicine, we present medical and science books, documents, and offer a glimpse into the artistic depictions of disease, healing, and death.

Our museum is located in the birthplace of Ignác Semmelweis in Buda, next to the Várkert Bazár.
Semmelweis, a Hungarian doctor living in the 19th century, has gained worldwide fame as the “savior of mothers”. By introducing hygiene rules in his obstetrics department, he saved hundreds of mothers from the then frequent infection and concomitant death. Cherishing the memory of Semmelweis, and dealing with the related themes of maternity, childbirth, advancement in obstetrics, and hygiene are focal points in our exhibitions and programs. The museum’s field of competence also includes the history and memorabilia of pharmacy. The Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum in the Buda Castle District offers an insight into the early history of pharmacy.

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